Youth team event - Sign up by March 24th
Lent series 'From Now On' Wed 13th March - 10th April
Next workshop 11th April at St James'
Place of Welcome every Tuesday, 10.00 am at St James'
A Star Toured! Nativity at St Edmund's
St James is on the cycle Beeline!
All church BBQ July 2018
The Great Manchester Run Fundraiser
The Great Manchester Run Fundraiser
Coffee Morning at Coffee Cranks, Alexandra Park
A Church trip to Blackpool
Grace Community Palm Sunday Walk of Witness!
Our 4 Congregations, Worshipping Together!
Marathi Anniversary Celebrations!
God Loves Our Community!
All Age Worship
What's On
Sunday 24th March
Holy Communion at St Edmund's
Morning Worship & APCM at St James'
Youth Led Service at Grace
Youth Congregation at St Edmund's, Grace, St James', Marathi, Youth Congregation
Prayer Meeting at St Edmund's
Tuesday 26th March
Wednesday 27th March
Coffee Morning at St Edmund's, Grace
Coming Up
26th March 2019
26th March 2019
27th March 2019
9:30am - 11:30am
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The ‘From Now On’ series has already begun based on...
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