PlayRoom @ St James

PlayRoom is more than a room filled with toys in which children can play.

PlayRoom is about creating space - a creative space filled with carefully chosen play resources to encourage exploration and imaginative play, and a restful space that gives adults the time to finish a cup of tea or to enjoy a grown-up conversation.

When do we meet?

Every Wednesday, from 9-11am, including during school holidays unless otherwise stated on our website or Facebook page.

Where do we meet?

In St James Church, on the corner of Princess Road and Great Western Street, with numerous parking options and opposite the bus stops for the 101, 104, 105, and 109 buses. There is also room for buggies to park in the main reception hall.

Who meets?

The sessions are aimed at adults bringing children aged 0-5.

How much does it cost?

Admission is £1.50 for an adult and child, and £2 for a 'family'. Refreshments and activities are included in the admission price.

How does it work?

The room is divided into a play space and a cafe space.

The play space is loosely separated into different play zones to cater for different aged children and different interests as well as addressing different developmental needs for this age group of children. A lot of the play resources are rotated on a monthly basis, to avoid it becoming the same things every week and to keep it playful!

PlayRoom's approach to play is influenced by Heuristic Play which describes the activity of babies and young children investigating, exploring and interacting with everyday objects with which they play freely, with little direction from adults. Many of the play resources have been acquired second hand, in conjuction with our underpinning values of simplicity and sustainability.

The cafe space features a healthy grazing table, from which children can snack any time during the session (afterall, children are hungry at different times), as well as a raised refreshments table, from where adults can access hot and cold drinks and a selection of homebaked cakes or biscuits. Highchairs are set up around the cafe tables.

Any craft activity will feature on a large table in the cafe space, to prevent craft materials being taken into the play area.

At around 10:30ish Together Time interrupts the free play for no more than 10 minutes. Together Time creates room for us all to gather together as a community, to share any updates and notices, and to engage in a themed communal activity which will vary week upon week (e.g. singing, moving to music, 'parachute' games, interactive storytelling).

Free play continues after Together Time until it is home time/ tidy up time!

How to find us
Join us at:
St James' Church
Princess Road
Moss Side
M14 4TH
This week @ PlayRoom @ St James
Wednesday 30th January
PlayRoom at St James', PlayRoom @ St James