St James Life Centre

St James church, has been at the heart of the community of Moss Side for a great many years. We are part of its history and wish to be part of its future. We have plans to develop our building as a community ‘hub’ for the people of Moss Side.

In line with the teaching of Jesus, our mission in developing our building is to provide spaces and facilities that will give people in Moss Side opportunities to find and enjoy “life in all its fullness”.

In summary, we want to develop our building in the following ways;

  • Main Space - worship and meeting
  • Social Space - Cafe
  • Creative Space - for all ages
  • Prayer and Meeting Spaces - 2 small rooms
  • Heritage Space - historical records and artifacts
  • Connecting Space - balcony

Look at the tabs for more details!

View and/or download our architectural sketch plans. 

   Plan for the ground floor

    Plan for the first floor


Main Space

This is our main 'church' space, but in fact it is simple in layout and quite useable for general community purposes.

It has a widescreen and projector facilities for viewing film and presentations.

PlayRoom meets here for young families.

Other local churches use this space for their own worship on Saturdays and Sundays. A Congolese organisation also uses it for extra tuition.

The main space is available to hire for parties, meetings and conferences.

In the development plans, the main space will have a moveable, glass partition joining it to the cafe space, almost doubling its capacity. It will also be overlooked by a balcony, with viewing screen and audio link.


We would love this space to be used for a cinema club. Could you run one?

Social Space - Cafe

With a new entrance from Great Western Street, this will serve Moss Side as a social cafe open to all.

It will have a moveable glass screen, joining it when necessary with the main hall.

It will be served by a commercial standard kitchen.

There will be a community information point and a simple point of access to the internet.

Outside of cafe opening hours, it may be hired out as a separate meeting room.


Music - open mic nights, concerts, poetry ...

Meet your friend for lunch, or an informal place for a business meeting

Creative space

A large, downstairs room, will be available and equipped for arts and creativity. 

This may be hired out as a meeting room, but with a sink, storage and approriate tables and equipment, it will serve the whole building as a creative space.

It will no doubt be of interest to groups working with young families, young people, in fact people of all ages! It could house arts therapy groups and recreational activities.


Arts & crafts for young children, school activities, after school club, teaching and training a skill - could the use of this room be part of your own business plan?

Prayer and Meeting Spaces

Currently, St James building has two small side rooms off the corridor, one of which is the Gerry Wheale chapel.

We propose to join these together yet with a partition so they can still be used separately.

These small rooms are very useful for small meetings, interviews and the chapel is used for morning prayer and teaching.


Many local groups need small private spaces for small meetings - does yours? Come and use a small space for quiet work.

Pray in our small chapel that is dedicated to Revd Canon Gerry Wheale, former Rector of St James or join us for prayer on Tuesdays 9.45 am.

Heritage space

St James has an extensive collection of heritage materials which we wish to store well and present in various ways.

Some of the heritage items will be displayed around the whole building - they are too interestting to be locked away! Other papers may be accessed from within the room. We hope in time that all papers will be digitised and viewable on screens throughout the builidng.

The heritage space will have a central table and may be useable also as a general meeting room. It will also overlook the cafe!


Bring your children in to learn about Moss Side in the past. Look up your Ancestor. Find out about how the Moss Side Carnival began. 

Do you have old photos, papers, artifacts to donate?

View and/or download our architectural sketch plan for the heritage space set above a community cafe.

    Plan for the first floor



Connecting Space 

The Connecting Space will be a balcony room overlooking the main hall with a glass screen and audio link connecting the two. This will be invaluable on those ocassions when we have very large services, funerals and conferences.

It will also connect people in a different way, by housing an IT suite. This will be carefully managed for safegaurding purposes.

It may also be rented as a general meeting room.


This space could be home to a coding club! 

It might be used for training in IT or to look at the heritage materials, or just contacting people, looking for work and everything else you use a computer for nowadays.  

How to find us
Join us at:
St James Life Centre
95a Princess Road
Moss Side
M14 4TH
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