St Edmund's

We are a multi-ethnic all-age congregation where everyone is welcomed and included in the life of our church.


Quotes from members

"St. Ed’s has always been mission minded. A number of people have gone to work in the mission field" – Shirley

"When I first came to church I felt although I’d left home, I had come back home because it was so welcoming" – Thelma (who came from Barbados in 1965)

"After losing my husband I was invited to the Coffee Morning at St. Ed’s and I’m a different woman!' – Doreen


St Edmund's

Our Parish

St Edmund's Parish covers part of Whalley Range and the Alexandra Park Estate in Moss Side. Our northern boundary is Moss Lane West, our southern boundary is Brantingham Road. We are in a United Benefice with the parish of St. James' with St. Clement's Moss Side.

Church Services

10:30am1st and 3rd week we have Morning Worship, 2nd and 4th Holy Communion. 2nd week is for all ages, sometimes with baptism
6:30pm1st Sunday - Prayer Meeting
6:30pm3rd Sunday - Prayer Meeting

At St Edmund's, our style of worship is broadly evangelical, based around C.of E. Common Worship, with bible-based teaching to encourage us to show the love of God in our community. We sing a range of traditional and contemporary hymns and songs, led by the Music Group and organist.

We start off all together and then most weeks children move to a separate room for age-appropriate teaching and activities. Occasionally we all stay together for all-age-worship. 

Twice a month we have Prayer Meetings on a Sunday Evening, sometimes with a simple shared Communion.

Pastoral care

"they'll know we are Christian by our love ..."

It is part of our calling as Christians to care for people, both those within our local Christian community and across our parishes.

Jackie Dixon is a member of St Edmund's and helps to coordinate pastoral care.

Contact Jackie

Supporting Mission Partners


Christians who are passionate about ending poverty. Tearfund work to support people in severe need and in many ways. Visit their website below and do contact Janet Palmer who is our link with Tearfund.

Tearfund website

Contact Janet

CMS - Church Mission Society

The Walton family serve in Tanzania through CMS and St Edmund's and St James support them in prayer and mission giving.

Walton Family Link Letters



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Coffee Morning

A lively group meeting on Wednesdays at 10:30, with a programme of bible study and a variety of talks. The coffee morning has a program of alternating Bible Studies and other activities or talks. The Bible Studies will be discussions of the previous Sunday talk!

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Teaching on Sundays

During the feast days and major Christian festivals and seasons like Lent and Advent we follow set readings (the 'lectionary') and at other times of the year we have a teaching series - this is common to all our congregations.

Sunday 24th September

10:30am : Morning Worship with Tony Hardy

The Call is for you!

Week 1 of our new 6 week series What on Earth am I here for?

Exploring how the Bible is the story of God calling people into a relationship with Him through which they discovered their true purpose in life.  God has not changed and is still calling...God is calling you to discover what on Earth am I here for, your true purpose!

Intro- What does calling mean in the Bible?

1. I'm called for God's purpose!

2. My calling is a gift from God!

3. God chose my calling before I was born.

4. My sins and mistakes don't change my call!

5. My calling is permanent.

6. My calling is connected to others.

7. God empowers what He calls me to do.

8. There's a prize for living out my calling.

We will be exploring this weeks theme in more detail through the daily readings and the life-groups where we will watch a dvd followed by a discussion.

Sunday 17th September

10:30am : Morning Worship with Garfield Edwards

Getting ready for the rest of your life part 2: The way to a wise life.

This is the second of 2 sermons getting us ready as we begin the 6 weeks of the course What on Earth am I here for based on the book by Rick Warren 'The purpose driven life'. 

The sermon explores what the bible and especially the book of Proverbs has to tell us about wisdom.

1.       Importance of wisdom

2.       Benefits of wisdom

3.       How do I learn to be wise?   L.E.A.R.N

For the handout with things to fill in and all the bible verses used please see the link below.


Sunday 10th September

10:30am : Holy Communion with Bob Palmer

Getting ready for the rest of your life part 1: Choosing your future.

Bob Palmer gives the first of 2 talks getting us ready as we begin the 6 weeks/42 days of What on Earth am I here for?.

Looking at 4 Life-Shaping choices that Moses made as described in Hebrews 11:23-27.

1.  Choose to be defined by God not others.

2.  Choose short term pain for long term gain.

3.  Choose God's values, not the world's.

4.  Choose to live by faith not fear.

For the handout with things to fill in and all the bible verses used please see the link below.


Junior Church and Youth Group

Our young people matter to God and they matter to us! We have 3 exciting Bible-centred groups for our young people that run during the regular Sunday morning service at St Edmund's, where we aim to bring a very real God to our younger members. Scramblers (under 5's), Explorers (5-10) and Youth Group (11+).

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Alpha Course

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks.

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What on Earth am I here for?

Take 6 weeks (42 days) to discover your purpose.

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Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of our community here at St Edmund's and St James as we know that the best place to get Connected, Grow and Serve is in a smaller group (12 or less) that meets regularly.

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Buildings and Facilities

St Edmunds Congregations meet for worship in a building which was once the church hall.

We have a large meeting hall which is used for worship on Sundays but may also be used for community meetings midweek.

There is a small hall and a lounge which can be joined into one meeting space. 

A kitchen serves the large hall and the lounge through serving hatches.

The building has Wi-Fi and the main hall has a large screen with audio and video facilities.

The building and rooms may be hired - contact the Rector, Tony Hardy

Hire Rooms at St Edmund's

St Mary’s Primary school

St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Moss Side, is linked to St Edmund’s Church that OFSTED concluded was ‘an outstanding school which operates in challenging circumstances’ . In 2014 it won the TES award for the best primary school in Britain. It also achieved outstanding in 2014 under statutory inspection of church schools.

St Mary's CofE Primary School, Moss Side

How to find us
Join us at:
St Edmund's Church
Alexandra Road South
Whalley Range
M16 8EZ
This week @ St Edmund's
Wednesday 27th September
What on Earth am I here for? at St Edmund's, Grace, St James', Marathi
Sunday 1st October
All Age Worship at St Edmund's
What on Earth am I here for? at St Edmund's, Grace, St James', Marathi
Holy Communion & Prayer at St Edmund's
Our Stories
Great events have been happening during Harvest!
August included three fun days at both our churches and a great time was had by everybody!
Roger: "...our church community is working!"