Joint Open Air Service, Alexandra Park
St Edmunds' Junior Church!
Our family at St James'
Grace Community Palm Sunday Walk of Witness!
Our 5 Congregations, Worshiping Together!
Marathi Anniversary Celebrations!
Our Nativity Service!
Our Youth Group at St Edmund's
Our young people at Grace
Coffee Morning at St Edmund's
What's On
Wednesday 29th March
Sunday 2nd April
Morning Worship at St Edmund's
Holy Communion at St James'
Worship at Grace
Marathi Holy Communion at Marathi
Coming Up
29th March 2017
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We were delighted to welcome members from Wycliffe Bible Translators to work...
Grace community church Manchester is organising an vigil service for...
Addy Lazz-Onyenobi was instituted as Hulme Deanery Leader for Mother's Union...
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